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What is Parenthexis?

Parenthexis (PX) is a next-generation platform for the creation, delivery and consumption of education and learning content. Unlike traditional learning platforms, features like AI-based automation, sharable assets and the ability to convert any and all forms of media content enable even amateurs to turn unstructured ideas into professionally produced learning materials with just a few clicks.

Why Parenthexis?

A knowledge-sharing platform, PX integrates great UX with advanced technologies to keep learners engaged and hungry for more. Powered with an always-on network technology core, you can continue to learn on PX when offline, it’s finally become possible for binge-learning to become a reality.


What is inside the Brackets?

An entire network of content creators and learners, connected through knowledge, ideas and collaboration. We provide a knowledge sharing space where every content creator has a direct link to learners and fellow content creators, be they teachers, experts, partners or customers. This enables spontaneous sharing, learning and co-creation of knowledge among users all over the world.

Parenthexis is created from the word “Parenthesis”, which means interval, interjection or to take a short break. Whether it is between meetings, whilst commuting, or during a given day’s down-time, we believe that any gap in the day can be turned into an opportunity to connect with new knowledge, meet like-minded learning enthusiasts and progress your life, career or business. With Parenthexis providing this flexibility, you are free to build your learning and sharing around your work and life schedules. This interjection or interlude of being is one that is customizable, allowing you to learn and share what motivates you, at your own pace, wherever you are.

Connecting knowledge with your preferred networks in Parenthexis gives you the power to do more with all of life’s in-between moments.

A few note-worthy features


Blockchain: the world’s first knowledge exchange service, PX allows creators to adopt and adapt the work of other content creators, while retaining content integrity for licensing and monetization


Content marketplace: the platform allows great content to be licensed and resold, and for course creators to discover and reach new customers


Social Learning: tapping into social physics, PX builds in nudges and triggers with group learning tools to make sure the good ideas spread, and keep your growing community tight