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About Parenthexis

Parenthexis (PX) is a free mobile learning networking service with course-building and e-commerce functions allowing individuals and organisations to create, share and manage learning and learning-related assets and activities. Parenthexis users are able to:

add one another as friends, invite friends to the platform and be kept up-to-date of one another’s learning activities

create groups for collaborative learning

create, share and manage interactive media-rich teaching content, learning activities and courses through our course-building templates

purchase and sell courses

What’s Inside the Brackets?

An entire network of learners, educators and industry practitioners, connected through knowledge, ideas and collaboration.

We provide a social and networked online learning space where every learner has a direct link to fellow learners, teachers, experts, professionals and customers. This enables spontaneous co-creation of knowledge and connectivity between people across multiple domains.

Parenthexis is created from the word “Parenthesis”, which means interval, interjection or to take a short break. Whether it is between meetings, whilst commuting, or during a given day’s down-time, we believe that any gap in the day can be turned into an opportunity to connect with new knowledge, meet like-minded learning enthusiasts and progress your life and career. With Parenthexis providing this flexibility, you are free to build your learning around your work and life schedules. This interjection or interlude of learning is one that is customizable, allowing you to learn what motivates you, at your own pace, wherever you are.

Learning in Parenthexis gives you the power to do more with all of life’s in-between moments.

Parenthexis in 5 Easy Steps



a Course

Parenthexis simplifies knowledge and skills transfer. You can build learning content easily with our course templates or develop your own course structure to suit your teaching needs.


Add or Invite


Grow your learning network by adding friends with similar interests. If they are not in Parenthexis yet, invite them to join you!


Set up

a Circle

Create your own learning space by setting up a Circle. Add friends into your Circle. Share, learn and collaborate with your friends in the Circle Chat. Organise your chats by topics for easy reference.


Publish a


Publish your course at our Learning Store when you feel ready to monetize them. Parenthexis charges a low transaction fee so you get to keep most of your earnings.





When you create a course, a Course Circle is automatically created for you where learners of the course are members of the Course Circle. Facilitate your course real-time with learners through the Course Chat.

Features Highlight

Circles and Chats

Circles and Chats

Anyone can create Circles which allow you to build learning communities to meet your learning goals. You can create Circles of a classroom, a school, a team, a department, an entire organization or a community! Within Circles, you will enjoy features such as Circle Chats that enable you to interact easily with one another. You can publish a course into a Circle, and enrol everyone or only selected members into the course. Course participants are automatically part of a Course Circle and can communicate with one other through the Course Chat within the Course Circle.

Learning Networks

Learning Networks

Users are free to join any Circles on Parenthexis, and need not confine themselves to their original Circles. They can search for people they know and add them as friends or invite them to Parenthexis if their friends are not users yet. Users can also search for Circles who share similar interests as them and request to join these Circles. The possibilities of learning are endless in Parenthexis. Through the Social Feed, users can share their learning highlights such as comments, videos, images and weblinks in their learning network.

Course Builder

Course Builder

Anyone can create and share interactive learning content through Parenthexis’s template-based Course Builder. Anchored in the learning sciences but designed for the layman, you will be able to create learning content on the go, including quizzes, assignments and course feedback, and publish your courses in your Circles or Parenthexis’s Learning Store. The Course Builder allows you to manage your learners, monitor their results, and edit and update your teaching content. Our Course Builder puts the power of online curriculum building back in the hands of subject matter experts.

Learning Store

Learning Store

By becoming our Learning Partner, you will be able to publish courses into our Learning Store. Courses can be sold as a full program or as individual standalone modules of the program. You can use our Learning Store to reach out to your target audience anywhere in the world. Parenthexis charges a flat service fee of 10% of your course sales, so you get to retain most of your earnings when you sell your courses through us.

What Do Users Say About Parenthexis?

Using Parenthexis to create an online course has been easy and user friendly. I love having the ability to design the course myself, make changes as needed, and upload important documents my participants will need. Parenthexis has all the features I need and I am excited to facilitate learning through this platform.

Chelsea VanBuskirk

I discovered an anime drawing course in Parenthexis which was very convenient for me to access any time, navigate and interact with my course mates. I particularly enjoyed the video lessons, which taught and guided me clearly. They were conducted in Japanese, which made me feel like I was taking the course in Japan!

Eunice Tan

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