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Parenthexis Partners

Parenthexis (PX) Partners are our Learning Providers. They are users who have registered with us to sell their courses in our Learning Store. If you think you have the content that can benefit our learners, join us and register today as a PX Partner!

Reap The Benefits

More growth opportunities

Expand your reach globally. Use your Learning Provider Circle to set yourself apart in PX!

Best return on investment

With a low service fee of 10%, get the highest return on your course sale.

Ease of use

PX is designed with learners and teachers in mind. Reach your learners easily with PX.

Resources Just For You

Building an online course is a breeze with PX’s course template. PX supports media-rich content including videos, images, links and SCORM packages. Once your course is created, publish it in our Learning Store with one click!

with user-friendly course template

quizzes with
grading options

important documents or assignments

to Store

Free Add-on Features

Make use of these additional features to increase learner satisfaction!

Issue Certificates

Customize with your organizational logo

Facilitate Courses

Appoint one or more facilitators to run your course

Gather Feedback

Use our course survey to gather valuable insights

How Do I Become A Partner?

*You will need to have a working Paypal account to receive payments.

We’re Committed to Your Success

As a PX Partner, we are committed to work alongside you to make your online academy business a success. Find out more in our FAQ or email us at to connect with a PX Partnerships Manager for assistance.

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