Parenthexis’ products and services are provided by Parenthexis Pte Ltd, headquartered in Singapore. The Terms of Use, Copyright, Trademark and Intellectual Property Policy, Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy (collectively, the Terms) govern your access to and use of Parenthexis’ online learning platform that includes the Company's portal, learning environment, a platform which allows participating institutions, individuals and companies to sell their courses (the “Learning Store”), applications and other proprietary software platforms (each a Platform and collectively, the Platforms) and algorithms used to host, transmit and make content available via the internet, and other related services and functionalities (collectively, the “Services”).

By continuing to access Parenthexis’ Services, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms. The terms “Parenthexis”, we, us, and our refer to Parenthexis Pte Ltd. The term You or “your” refers to the entity or individual who is accessing Parenthexis’ Services pursuant to these Terms.

As some of our Services may be software that is downloaded onto your computer, phone, tablet, or other devices, you agree that we may automatically update such software, and that these Terms will apply to such updates. Please read these Terms and Policies carefully, and contact us if you have any questions.





Please read these Terms carefully before accessing or participating in any of our Services. Participating institutions, individuals and companies registered to list courses on Parenthexis’ Learning Store (collectively, the Partners) are third party beneficiaries of these Terms and may enforce the same as they apply to them.

The Services enable students and learners (collectively, learners) to connect with Trainers/Facilitators/Instructors (collectively, the Trainers/Facilitators) who provide instruction, tutoring, and learning services, free or for a fee, (the Courses) in our proprietary online learning environment. Learners and Trainers/Facilitators are, collectively, Users. The Services also include, without limitation, participating in group discussion forums known as Parenthexis’ Circles, purchasing and selling Courses in Parenthexis’ Learning Store, creating Courses and supporting materials with our proprietary course-building templates and taking feedback from Users.

Parenthexis reserves the right to revise these Terms at its sole and absolute discretion at any time by posting the changes on our Services. Changes become effective immediately after posting. You are deemed to accept these changes by your continued use of our Services after the changes become effective. You should visit our Services regularly to ensure you are aware of the latest version of the Terms. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no revision to these Terms will apply to any dispute between you and Parenthexis that arose prior to the date of such revision.

Parenthexis may modify the Services or discontinue their availability at any time. You are solely responsible for all service, telephony, data charges and/or other fees and costs associated with your access to and use of the Services, as well as for obtaining and maintaining all telephone, computer hardware, and other equipment required for such access and use.


Age Restrictions

Registration and participation on the Services are restricted to individuals over eighteen (18) years of age, or those who possess legal parental or guardian consent, and are fully able and competent to enter into and be bound by these Terms. By registering or participating in our Services, you hereby represent and warrant that you are over eighteen (18) years of age, or in possession of consent by a legal parent or guardian and have the authority to enter into and be bound by these Terms.

In addition, those who wish to register and participate must meet the minimum requirements laid out in these Terms. In addition, certain Courses may have additional eligibility requirements, as specified on the Course website. If you do not qualify or do not agree to these Terms, you cannot access and/or use our Services.


User Accounts

In order to fully participate in all Services, you must register for a personal account on the Services (a “User Account”) by providing your first name and last name, a valid email address and a password or alternatively, you can also sign in via your Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn account for a User Account.

When you register for a User Account, subject to the Privacy Policy, you acknowledge and consent that the information you provide to us during the registration process will help us in offering content, customer service and network management to you in respect of the Services. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your User Account, its associated username and password, and for all activities associated with or occurring under your User Account, where applicable. You represent and warrant to us that your User Account information will be accurate at all times. You must notify us (a) immediately of any unauthorised use of your User Account and any other breach of security, and (b) ensure that you exit from your User Account at the end of each session of use of the Services. Subject to these Terms and to the extent permissible under applicable laws, we cannot and will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with the foregoing requirements or as a result of use of your User Account, either with or without your knowledge, prior to your notifying us of unauthorised access to your User Account.

You agree that you will not divulge or share access or information in respect of your User Account with any third party for any reason. Your User Account is non-transferable and no one else but you may access and/or use your User Account. In the event that you allow a third party, including a natural person who is a minor, to access and/or use your User Account (the Unauthorised User), you acknowledge and agree that you shall be fully responsible and liable for all actions of such Unauthorised User, including the consequences of all actions on the part of the Unauthorised User which breach these Terms.

You also acknowledge and agree to that you will create, use, and access only one User Account, and that you will not access the Services using multiple User Accounts.

In setting up your User Account, you may be prompted or required to enter additional information, including but not limited to, your name and location. Additional information may be required to confirm your identity. You represent that all information provided by you is accurate, current and complete and you acknowledge and agree that you will maintain and update your information to keep it accurate, current and complete. You acknowledge and agree that if any information provided by you is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, we reserve the right to terminate your use of the Services.


Electronic Notices

By using the Services and/or communicating with Parenthexis, you agree that Parenthexis may communicate with you electronically regarding security, privacy, and administrative issues relating to your use of the Services or these Terms. If Parenthexis learns of a security system's breach, Parenthexis may attempt to notify you electronically by posting a notice on the Services or sending an email to you.


Establishment of Learner and Participating Partner/Institution Relationship

You acknowledge and agree that a relationship is established between you and the Partners and you also acknowledge and agree to abide by the Partners’ terms and conditions (where applicable) when Parenthexis enrols or registers you in any Courses offered by the Partners through the Services. Your acknowledgement and acceptance of this Section E of the Terms of Use entitles you to access or use the resources of the Partners you are enrolled with.



Services may include forums and discussion groups containing the personal opinions and other expressions of the Users who post entries on a wide range of topics. Neither the User Content (as defined below) on the Services, nor any links to other websites, are screened, moderated, approved, reviewed or endorsed by Parenthexis or its Partners. By posting to or viewing such forums or discussion groups, you acknowledge and agree that neither Parenthexis nor any of its Partners are responsible or liable for the content of any postings therein. Parenthexis reserves the right (but is not obliged) to remove any content from such forums in our absolute discretion.

The Services may give you access to links to third-party websites maintained or controlled by entities other than Parenthexis (Third Party Sites). You acknowledge and agree that neither Parenthexis nor its Partners are responsible for nor do they routinely screen, approve, review or endorse any of these Third Party Sites and do not control them in any manner. Accordingly, you acknowledge and agree that Parenthexis and its Partners do not and cannot assume any responsibility or liability associated with your access or use of such Third Party Sites. You further acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to take appropriate steps to determine whether accessing a Third Party Site is appropriate or safe, and to protect your personal information, privacy, computer, mobile device or any files therein on such Third Party Sites without any reference whatsoever to Parenthexis and its Partners.


Limitation of Liability

You acknowledge and agree that Parenthexis will not be liable to you for any loss or damages, either actual or consequential, arising out of or relating to these Terms, or to your (or any third party’s) use of or inability to use the Services, or to your placement of content on the Services, or to your reliance upon information obtained from or through the Services. In particular, you acknowledge and agree that Parenthexis will have no liability or any consequential, indirect, punitive, special or incidental damages, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable, including but not limited to, claims for defamation, errors, loss of data or interruption of data and/or Personal Data protection arising out of or relating to these Terms, whether based in contract, tort, statutory or other law, even if Parenthexis or its representatives have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Some jurisdictions do not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability so some of the limitations may not apply to you. In no event shall the total liability of Parenthexis to you for all damages, losses, and causes of action arising from the Terms and/or your use of the Services exceed, in the aggregate, if you have enrolled in any Course, the total amount paid by you for one Course (if you have enrolled in multiple Courses, the total amount paid by you for the Course which costs the least) or 50 Singapore Dollars, whichever is higher or, 50 Singapore Dollars if you have not enrolled in any Course (the Stated Limits). Notwithstanding the foregoing and where applicable, you acknowledge and agree that insofar as such liability for supply of Services may not be excluded, then to the maximum extent permitted by law, such liability is limited, at Parenthexis' exclusive option (the Supply Option), to:


resupply of the Services; or


payment of the cost of having the Services supplied again.

For the avoidance of doubt, Parenthexis' Supply Option may be exercised by Parenthexis as an alternative but not in addition to Stated Limits.

Nothing in this Agreement shall exclude or limit liability for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of you or Parenthexis.


Payment of Courses

If you elect to access or use Services that involve payment of a fee, then you agree to pay and will be responsible for payment of that fee and all prevailing Singapore taxes, including the goods and services tax (where applicable) associated with such access or use. If you provide credit card information to pay for such fees, then you hereby represent and warrant that you are authorised to supply such information and authorise Parenthexis to charge your credit card on a regular basis to pay the fees as they are due. You acknowledge and agree that credit card information provided by you is provided entirely at your own risk and that Parenthexis shall not be responsible or liable to you for any loss or damage you may suffer in respect of providing such information to us. You further acknowledge and agree that you shall, on demand, indemnify us in respect of any losses, claims, actions, proceedings, demands, damages, costs and expenses (including legal costs) and any other liabilities howsoever arising in consequence of us acting in good faith upon receipt and/or in reliance of the information you provide us.

Subject to this Section H of the Terms of Use, if your payment method fails or your account is past due, you acknowledge and agree that we may collect fees owed by you from you using other collection mechanisms which may include charging other payment methods on file with us and/or via collection agencies and legal counsel whose fees shall be borne by you. You acknowledge and agree that we may also block your access to any Services pending resolution of any amounts due by you to Parenthexis.


Foreign Currency

Parenthexis’ default sale currency is the US Dollar. You may opt for payments in your local currency under our PayPal payment method at the conversion rates determined by Paypal. Subject to Section H of the Terms of Use, the currency and amount you see displayed on the final booking page is the amount Parenthexis will charge to your credit card.



Parenthexis offers users a thirty (30)-day guarantee on Courses that are purchased on the Parenthexis website (www.parenthexis.com) or via Android applications. Courses purchased through the iOS application are not eligible for refunds. If you are unhappy with a course and request for a refund within thirty (30) days from the date you paid for access to the course, we will provide a full refund of the amount you have paid for the course. Please contact us at support@parenthexis.com with your request and reasons for refund. Parenthexis reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse or restrict your use of our Services, without any liability to you if we believe that you are abusing our refund policy in our sole discretion.


User Material Submission

The Services may provide you with the ability to upload certain information, text or materials, including without limitation, any information, text or materials you post on the Services’ public forums or groups (“User Content”). With respect to User Content you submit or otherwise make available in connection with your use of the Services, and subject to these Terms, you acknowledge and agree that you shall irrevocably waive any and all rights, including Intellectual Property Rights in respect of such User Content and that you irrevocably permit Parenthexis the unfettered right to use, distribute, sublicense, reproduce, modify, adapt, publicly perform and publicly display such User Content. To the extent that you provide User Content, you represent and warrant to Parenthexis and its Partners that (a) you have all necessary rights, licences and/or clearances to provide and use such User Content and permit Parenthexis and its Partners to use such User Content as provided by you; (b) such User Content is accurate and reasonably complete; (c) as between you and Parenthexis, you shall be responsible for the payment of any third party fees related to the provision and use by you of such User Content; and (d) such User Content provided by you does not and will not infringe or misappropriate any third party rights (including without limitation, privacy, publicity, intellectual property and any other proprietary rights, such as copyright, trademark and patent rights), intellectual property laws or constitute a fraudulent statement or misrepresentation or unfair business practice.

The Services may also provide you with the ability to upload or send information to Parenthexis regarding the Services or related services (“Feedback”). Subject to these Terms, by submitting the Feedback through our Contact Us page, you acknowledge and agree that you shall irrevocably waive any and all rights, including Intellectual Property Rights in respect of such Feedback and hereby grant Parenthexis and its Partners the unfettered right to use, disclose, reproduce, distribute, sublicense, prepare derivative works of, publicly perform and publicly display any such Feedback (if applicable).


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Services are managed by Parenthexis, located in Singapore. Both Parenthexis and you agree that any disputes arising out of or relating to these Terms, whether based in contract, tort, statutory or other law, will be governed by the law of the Republic of Singapore. Both Parenthexis and you further acknowledge and agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Singapore.



You acknowledge and agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Parenthexis and its Partners, their respective subsidiaries and affiliates, and each of their respective officers, directors, agents, employees, and assignees, including, if applicable, the Trainers / Facilitators of the Partners, from any and all claims, liabilities, expenses and damages, including reasonable legal costs, made by any third party relating to or arising out of (a) your use or attempted use of the Services in violation of these Terms; (b) your violation of any law or rights of any third party; or (c) information that you post or otherwise make available on the Services, including without limitation, any claim of infringement or misappropriation of intellectual property or other proprietary rights.


Termination Rights

You acknowledge and agree that Parenthexis and/or the Partners may, at its/their sole discretion, terminate your access and/or use of the Services or your participation in the same, without the need to provide you with any reasons whatsoever, and that Parenthexis and/or its Partners shall not have any liability to you whatsoever for any such action. You further acknowledge and accept that for the purpose of any Course, your sole relationship with Parenthexis and/or the Partners is as defined in these Terms. You further agree that Parenthexis has the right to cancel, delay, reschedule or alter the format of any Services at any time, and that Parenthexis and/or its Partners shall not have any liability to you whatsoever for any such action.


Right of Modification

You acknowledge and agree that we reserve the right to change or modify these Terms at our absolute and sole discretion at any time. Any change or modification to these Terms will be effective immediately upon posting by us. For any material changes to these Terms, we will take reasonable steps to notify you of such changes. In all cases, your continued use of the Services after publication of such modifications, with or without notification, constitutes binding acceptance by you of these modified Terms.


Copyright, Trademark & Intellectual Property Policy


Intellectual Property, Copyright & Trademark

The Services contain, without limitation, codes, texts, software, graphics, images, texts, layouts, arrangements, displays, illustrations, audio and video clips, HTML files and other materials protected by copyrights or other proprietary rights and laws owned by Parenthexis and/or its affiliates or licensors and/or its Partners (collectively, the Proprietary Material). Any use of such Proprietary Material other than as permitted herein is expressly prohibited without the prior permission of Parenthexis and/or the relevant Partner(s) in writing. The trademarks, service marks, and logos (the Trademarks) used and displayed on or in our Services are the registered or unregistered Trademarks of Parenthexis or of its suppliers or third parties, and are protected pursuant to Singapore and foreign trademark laws. All rights are reserved and you may not alter or obscure the Trademarks, or link to them without our prior written approval. Subject to Sections G and H of the Terms of Use, you acknowledge and agree that you will download from the Services only Proprietary Material which Parenthexis and/or the Partner(s) have authorised you to download and in accordance with these Terms and only for your own personal, non-commercial use. You may not otherwise copy, reproduce, retransmit, distribute, publish, commercially exploit or otherwise transfer any Proprietary Material, nor may you modify or create derivatives works of the material.




Rules for Online User Conduct

You agree to use the Services in accordance with these Terms and all applicable laws. Further, you acknowledge and agree that you will not use the Services for organised partisan political activities. You further acknowledge and agree that you will not e-mail or post any of the following content (“Prohibited Content”) anywhere on the Services, or on any other Parenthexis computing resources:

Content that defames, harasses or threatens others

Content that discusses illegal activities with the intent to commit such activities, or encourages others to commit such activities

Content that infringes or misappropriates another's Intellectual Property Rights, including, but not limited to, copyrights, trademarks or trade secrets

Content that you do not have the right to disclose under contractual confidentiality obligations or fiduciary duties

Material that contains obscene (i.e. pornographic) language or images

Advertising, promotional materials, or any form of commercial solicitation

Content that otherwise harms other users or visitors to the Services

Content that is otherwise unlawful or that violates any applicable local, state, national or international law.

Parenthexis reserves the right to remove any and all Prohibited Content from its Services. Subject to these Terms, copyrighted material, including without limitation software, graphics, text, photographs, sound, video and musical recordings, may not be placed on the Services without the express permission of the owner of the copyright in the material, or you being entitled to any other legal entitlement to use the material.

In addition, as a condition of accessing the Services, you agree not to (a) reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the Services other than as expressly allowed under these Terms; (b) use Parenthexis’ or any Partner's name, trademarks, server or other materials in connection with, or to transmit, any unsolicited communications or emails; (c) use any high-volume, automated or electronic means to access the Services (including without limitation, robots, spiders, scripts or web-scraping tools); (d) frame the Services, place pop-up windows over its pages or otherwise affect the display of its pages; or (e) interfere with or disrupt the Services or servers or networks connected to the Services, or disobey any requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of networks connected to the Services.

You acknowledge and agree that you will not access or attempt to access any other User Account that does not belong to you and/or misrepresent and/or mask or attempt to misrepresent and/or mask your identity to anyone while using the Services.




Parenthexis Personal Data Protection Statement

I. Parenthexis is committed to protect the privacy of individuals and recognises the importance of the personal data you have entrusted to us and believe that it is our responsibility to properly protect, manage, process and disclose your personal data. Our Privacy Policy can be found here.



All Users participating in the Courses are deemed to have declared that:

you shall register for only one account;

where applicable, the answers to homework, quizzes and/or exams submitted by you via the Services to the Trainers/Facilitators or the Course authority as part of Course requirements are your own work (except for assignments that explicitly permit collaboration);

you will not make solutions to homework, quizzes or exams submitted by you via the Services to the Trainers/Facilitators or the Course authority as part of Course requirements available to anyone else (this includes both solutions written by you, as well as any official solutions provided by the Trainers/Facilitators or any Course staff):

where applicable, you shall not engage in any other activities that will dishonestly or fraudulently improve your results or dishonestly or fraudulently improve or hurt the results of others; and

you shall comply with all Course requirements that Parenthexis or the Partners may stipulate and/or require, from time to time.