Parenthexis Augments Learning

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may

remember, involve me and I learn."

- Benjamin Franklin


Jane, Freelance Trainer

Jane worked as a Senior Vice President in Marketing before deciding to channel her passion for teaching to full-time corporate training. She enjoyed her new role immensely except for the challenge of rushing through her training content with little time left to conduct in-depth case study discussion, role play and coaching. Jane is also considering expanding her training overseas but found the prospect daunting.

By using PX’s course-building template, which is designed with non-techies in mind, Jane uploaded her training content, tests and assignments, enriched with videos she curated from social media, to produce an interactive online marketing course in no time. For every corporate training class she conducted, Jane created a Circle for the class and published her course in the Circle. This allowed her to use the precious classroom time for value-add teaching activities. Additionally, her class grew close enough to share their insights and experiences in the Circle Chat. By leveraging on PX to teach, Jane found that she has learned more from the group sharing than by teaching alone. Jane eventually became a PX Partner and listed her courses in PX’s Leaning Store, which expanded her market to regional countries. Thanks PX!


Eric, Head of Training

Eric is the head of the education and training department of a global non-profit organization, overseeing both staff and volunteer onboarding, compliance training and continuous upgrading. The role is especially crucial as the organization relies heavily on thousands of volunteers to execute the work of its mission. The volunteers come from different geographic regions and training is decentralized to the local volunteer centers but the quality has been varying and inconsistent. Emails have been the staple of knowledge transmission and communication as the organization’s website has limitations in disseminating training content. He is losing the young volunteers, who are impatient and distracted easily and whilst passionate about the organization’s vision, could not understand why it is backward and slow in equipping them for the work.

Eric has contemplated using a Learning Management System (LMS), but the cost of using the platform to reach out to the vast number of volunteers makes the option untenable. He has the right content, and needs only a volunteer training and engagement system that is cost-effective. Eric soon discovered PX. To his delight, he could interact real time with his volunteers by creating a volunteer Circle. He publishes courses in the Circle and monitor volunteer training via Circle Chats, quizzes and assignments. Eric also creates different Circles for every volunteer center to manage communication and training specific to a particular center. With PX, Eric is able to hasten the roll-out of high quality training for his volunteers worldwide.


Harris, Event Lead

Harris was tasked to organize an event his company sponsored periodically. He struggled to find organizational records on how the previous events had been run to speed up his learning. He could not believe that he had to start almost from zero as only a few folders were left by his predecessors who had either resigned or retired. Having to organize the loose network of people and getting them to learn about the entire project was daunting for Harris given the lack of institutional knowledge of the project.

Harris decided he would start afresh and make learning a key outcome of the project. Using PX Circle, he invited members of his team into the Circle. He created a simple course outlining the goals and objectives of the project and enrolled everyone in it to prepare them before the first meeting. As the project progressed, Harris used his smartphone to share his observations and lessons in the Circle Chat, including uploading pictures and videos he took pertaining to the project. He was able to categorize the Circle Chat into themes for easy organization and quick retrieval of communication and decisions that had transpired. This collaborative method caught on and soon his team members began to do the same. Teamwork and communication improved. Unexpectedly, there was a compliance directive from top management. Harris created a short course on the new compliance requirements with PX’s course builder and published it into his Circle. He could monitor his members’ course completion and understanding of the new requirements through the quizzes. At the end of the event, Harris handed over the management rights of the Courses and Circles to his successor through a few administrative steps on PX. “At least the new guy would have an entire year of organizing history to learn from.” Harris thought proudly to himself.


Linh, Product Marketer and Entrepreneur

Linh is an ambitious and enterprising businesswoman who inherited a modest family business. Through ingenuity and hard work, she developed an innovative product which received very positive feedback from her community. With the small profit she made in the initial phase of her business, Linh started to make plans on scaling up her business for a wider market beyond her city. She is confident her product would sell but frets about the associated costs of business expansion, especially the need to travel extensively around the region to conduct product sharing and training to her suppliers and clients.

Linh started a product Circle and using social media channels, invited her consumers into PX. Using simple graphics and instructional videos she created with the help of a vendor, Linh was able to use the course template to create and publish product training courses onto the platform. For suppliers, she grouped them under a different Circle as she wanted to have better control of their product knowledge which she could monitor through the Course quizzes. As the Circle automatically generated a Circle Chat, suppliers and consumers alike could post product queries and feedback to Linh. She could answer these questions promptly even while on the move through notifications on her mobile phone. As the product evolved, Linh updated her product content easily with the course editor which she announced promptly to her Circle. Linh could now scale up her product marketing, using product education not only as a necessity, but as a form of strategic outreach to her target audience.


Rajan, Director of Curriculum

Rajan is the head of his education institution’s curriculum department. He was recently tasked to take over the digital transformation of the institution’s curriculum. The institution had implemented a series of SCORM e-learning content but the initiative soon stalled. As Rajan analyzed the situation, he realized there were two key bumps in the transformation journey: the institution’s Learning Management System (LMS) was underutilized by both faculty and students, and the institution had no precedence to draw on - the roadmap, cost and financial returns of digitalization were unclear to the various stakeholders. This attracted very little stakeholder buy-in, especially among the subject matter experts who needed to be consulted on regularly for the project.

Rajan convinced his institution to pilot PX as the platform of choice. Within a few weeks, he organized his faculty and curriculum team to develop their courses using PX’s course builder. As a result of the easy-to-use course templates, Rajan rebalanced the project budget to weigh more on internal resources, reserving vendor budget for high-end media-rich learning assets such as animation, simulation and video production. This resulted in high project savings from content development and project management. Rajan also noticed user engagement increased significantly. Features such as social feed, Circle and Circle Chat were intuitive to students and teachers. After the pilot, Rajan was confident his department would succeed in pushing for a greater institution-wide learning transformation.

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